Is Your Business Prepared for the Consequences of a Cyber Attack?

Posted by David Hamilton on May 25, 2018 2:21:26 PM

Online Hack Insurance

You can insure your business against the worst effects of a hack attack on your computer system by answering a few questions online here:

For cyber events, here are a few possible consequences of not having the right coverage:

1. Cyber lawsuits often have negative effects on a company’s relationship with its customers. If their private information was stolen during the breach, they may not feel comfortable doing business with you again in the future.

2. Due to the recent rise in cyber hack attacks on small businesses, customers and third-party partners may request that you have this type of insurance coverage before doing business with you. In fact, studies have found that only 50% of consumers feel that businesses are taking the appropriate measures, to safeguard themselves from cyber attacks.

Protect your small business by purchasing Cyber Liability coverage online. Obtain a quote in 2 minutes and a policy in 5 minutes 24/7 with no need to talk to a broker.

  • Custom online Cyber Insurance starting at just $250.
  • Limit options up to $1,000,000

90% of small businesses in Canada do not have Cyberinsurance.

You have seen the news: Sony, Target, Home Depot……. An affordable, fast cyber policy is now available for you to purchase in minutes.


Hack-Insurance Features:

  • Comprehensive cyber liability: Combines third-party cyber liability (your customers/clients) and first-party cyber crime expense coverages (you and your business) in one form
  • Theft and fraud: Covers destruction or loss of digital data as the result of a criminal or fraudulent cyber event.
  • Business interruption: Covers lost income and related costs where a you are unable to conduct business due to a cyber event or data loss.
  • Extortion: Provides coverage for the costs associated with the investigation of threats to commit cyber attacks against your systems; and payments to extortionists who threaten to obtain and disclose sensitive information!
  • Forensic investigation: Covers the legal, technical or forensic services necessary to assess whether a cyber-attack has occurred, to assess the impact of the attack and to stop an attack.
  • Payment Card Losses


Who should buy this policy?

If your company operates under the assumption that data security breaches and privacy losses only happen to billion-dollar companies, it’s time to change your thinking—before it’s too late.


Get an Quote Online In 2 Mins.

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If you are a graphic designer, yes, you need Hack Insurance

Posted by David Hamilton on May 25, 2018 2:21:10 PM

Hooded Hacker with Hack PhrasesWhat is Hack insurance?

Hack insurance for graphic designers is designed to protect from certain losses associated with data breaches and hacks. After a hack there are costs you will incur such as: notifying your customers that their information provide to you may have been stolen; paying to restore or recover the stolen data; having to redo design ideas such as logos since they are no longer confidential.

Hack insurance is extra important for graphic designers who rely so much on computers and tech for their business.

Hackers are becoming smarter, making it tougher for graphic designers to defend themselves from a data breach. If a cyber attacker is able to gain access to your computer, network or other electronic system, they may be able to steal client information, employee information, accounting information and other valuable data from you. Hack insurance can help with expenses associated with managing the hack such as incident response expenses and data recovery expenses.

Hack insurance can help in the following situations:

  • A hacker gains access to your information including customer information, and threatens to sell or disclose it.
  • A hacker encrypts your company’s computer system, preventing authorized access to your staff
  • A hacker threatens to place a virus into your company’s computer system.

As a graphic designer you are at risk. The cost to transfer the risk to insurance is low compared to the expense of an actual hack.

Protect your graphic design business by purchasing Hack online:

Obtain a quote in 2 minutes and a policy in 5 minutes 24/7 with no need to talk to a broker.

  • Custom online Cyber Insurance starting at just $250.
  • Limit options up to $1,000,000

90% of small businesses in Canada do not have Cyberinsurance: take five minutes to protect your studio that has taken you so long to establish.

Get an Quote Online In 2 Mins.

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Keep your backyard wedding on budget with the click of a button: wedding insurance protects you against all kinds of hidden costs

Posted by David Hamilton on May 22, 2018 9:54:37 AM

Online Wedding Insurance

When you picture your perfect backyard wedding, what do you see? A hug from your mom just before you walk outside; lanterns glowing on the pathways; saying “I do” in the garden you grew up in? Cutting the cake your best friend made for you, and watching the stars come out as candlelight flickers across the faces of your friends and family? Having a wedding at home is a beautiful way to keep your celebration intimate and meaningful, not to mention a smart strategy for keeping your budget in balance on the big day. No matter what your perfect at-home wedding looks like: don’t forget to insure it.

Wedding insurance is easy to get - it takes about 10 minutes online and starts at $105 - and it’s a reliable way to cover yourself (or your parents, if they’re hosting for you) so that your wedding doesn’t include some unwelcome hidden costs. Here are some of the situations that we see commonly come up with home weddings. These are what you’ll want coverage for:


    • Vendor fails: if your vendor doesn’t show, you could be short a wedding cake, a photographer, catering or music. We’ve written before about weddings where the cake’s been unable to get there due to floods or forest fires closing roads - it’s sadly not uncommon during BC’s summer months but a vendor no show can represent some of the biggest costs associated with your wedding- especially in the case of entertainment or catering.
    • Rescheduling the wedding (or honeymoon): It takes a lot to reschedule a wedding, but if a loved one gets sick or a bad storm hits, it’s worth it to know you can reschedule risk-free.
    • Rented clothes ruined: Wine spills happen. Don’t let them cost you.
    • Guest gets hurt: If someone slips on the dance floor and breaks their ankle, wedding insurance protects everyone. This last one’s really important, because injuries like this can make a big difference to someone’s livelihood. Spilled wine that you didn’t clean up off the dancefloor could end up costing $15,000 or more if your guest’s out of work for a while. Insurance coverage means you don’t need to worry about this all too common scenario.


While homeowner’s insurance sometimes covers some of these unexpected costs, you’ll want to read the fine print carefully. In our experience, it’s well worth it to purchase wedding insurance and make sure you’re fully covered. You can buy ours online in about 3 minutes here.

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Disaster on your wedding day? It's more common than you think

Posted by David Hamilton on May 10, 2018 3:01:30 PM

Unforgettable wedding day horror stories and how to keep your day from becoming a disaster!

As insurance providers, we think about disasters a lot - so that you don’t have to live them.

Here, we've gathered some of the most unforgettable Canadian wedding day horror stories: not only do they showcase how true love always triumphs, they’re a good reminder that there are some things you just can't predict -- and that's why there's wedding insurance.

Read on for some unforgettable wedding day disasters - and then let us make sure you’re covered for anything on your big day with our wedding insurance packages, starting at $105.

Online Wedding Insurance

Forest Fire Wedding:

During the epic forest fires that raged across BC in 2017, one 100 Mile House, BC, couple found themselves racing the blaze for their wedding. Their wedding cake provider was unable to get to the wedding, and their venue was put on evacuation alert. But, as their friend and wedding photographer Liz of One Blue Fish Photography recounted: “This wedding was happening come hell or forest fire.” It wasn’t the wedding the couple was dreaming of, but seeing their community pull together despite the fires was inspiring. “The amazing love and support that these two received will always stay with me.” said Liz.


DYK: Losing a wedding cake can cost you anywhere from $500 to $2000 or more - and cancelling your whole wedding without insurance could potentially set you back the entire cost of your wedding.


Stormy weather:

Jay and Quandra Werner’s wedding venue was destroyed by a windstorm so bad it made headlines. Tents were tossed by the wind, and a cameraman was taken to Vancouver General Hospital with a broken wrist. “I was ready to just run away,” said the groom. “I said the wedding's off. I just I can't, it's gone. It’s completely gone. It's pretty upsetting to see nine months of work gone in just 60 seconds.” After he tried to call off the wedding twice (and his bride put it back on again, twice) something magical happened - members of the Burrard Inlet Yacht Club pulled together to make their vows happen despite the destroyed venue. Aww.


DYK: Cancelling a wedding can cost you anywhere from $10,000 and up, depending on your vendors...and without wedding liability insurance, any injuries that may happen (on the dance floor or otherwise) that prevent a person from earning their livelihood can create even more financial trouble.


Priest MIA

“The priest was in fine form and we looked forward to seeing him two days later on our big day,” Marie Fraser wrote to Global BC. “Except that, well, he didn’t show up. Catholic Priest M.I.A.” The wedding party scoured White Rock, BC for anyone who could marry the happy couple. In the end, a Pentecostal preacher was located at his home, and he kindly agreed to facilitate the couples’ vows...still wearing his gardening gear.


DYK: In BC, a marriage officiant starts at $80, and they’re expected to charge additional fees for travel, extra hours and other costs. The couple getting married is responsible for any additional costs incurred by last minute an MIA officiant can add substantially to your costs.


Rained out:

BC bride Jessica Turner described what it was like to get married during the worst storm in 2003 to Global BC. “We got married on the 100-year storm and no one was able to get there,” she explained. When a nearby bridge washed out, the wedding cake provider, the photographer, her husband’s family and the father of the bride were all left stranded. “It was a quiet, quick ceremony to say the least…” remembered Jessica. “I was trying my best to keep it together and only cried periodically throughout the day."


DYK: Losing a wedding cake can cost you anywhere from $500 to $2000 or more - as for losing the chance to have your loved ones at your wedding - that’s a cost we can’t estimate.


If these stories keep you up at night, check out our wedding insurance plans! We cover your big day against disaster, including scenarios like service providers going MIA, or destroyed property. It’s easy and fast to purchase online here - and if you enter the code CANADAWEDDING, we’ll take $50 off your policy.

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Hot Docs Reveals it's New $2M Canadian, International Doc Makers Fund

Posted by David Hamilton on May 1, 2018 2:07:00 PM

As a proud sponsor of Hot Docs, we are excited to share a new program offered by Hot Docs. The program is designed to connect Canadian documentary producers with financiers.

Check out this post by Jordan Pinto, posted on for more information regarding Hot Docs' New Canadian Doc Makers Fund : 

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Wedding Insurance In the News

Posted by Meghan Stickney on Apr 9, 2018 3:21:33 PM

Wedding insurance has been in the news lately, and there's a good reason for that. As the CBC recently highlighted, it's shockingly easy to get burned by a venue - and that can not only set your wedding plans back, it can put you in the tune of $15,000. Check out Ashleigh Post's story below (and there's a nice mention of our CEO David Hamilton in there too!):

Don't let this kind of story keep you up at It takes 5 minutes to buy wedding insurance night! and right now you can use our discount code CANADAWEDDINGS for $50 off.


Image by

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Wedding Insurance Has Your Big Day Covered; From the Cake to the Ring

Posted by David Hamilton on Mar 12, 2018 12:30:25 PM

Check out this article published by GLOBE NEWSWIRE featuring our Online Event Liability Insurance Package.

View the Article Here



Planning a wedding? You’ve got a lot on your plate. Let us help you check one item off your list in 3 minutes: wedding insurance to cover everything you might worry about on your big day!


Our Online Event Insurance Package is easy to purchase online.

Up to $5,000,000 in General Liability Coverage to cover damage to your rented venue.

Optional coverage available for: rental of furniture, sound and lighting, Event Cancellation and more!

Insuring with Front Row is simple and easy: 3 minutes and a few clicks will protect your wedding.


Get a Quote



Posted by David Hamilton on Mar 6, 2018 5:10:26 PM

You arrive home after the screening of your documentary at a well-known film festival. The film was well received. You feel great! Your years of hard work and investment have paid off. Your distributor is happy. But even more than that, you told an important story and exposed the truth about a difficult subject.

There is a knock at your door. A courier hands you a registered letter. You take it and open the package. The words catch you completely off guard- you, your company, your wife, your financial partner and your cameraman are being sued for libel and slander by a large, powerful company with many lawyers in their employ. Your mind bubbles with fear- how can it be? Your wife? Your investor? Your cameraman? Why are they named on the suit?

You think back to when you placed your Errors and Omissions coverage. You remember that your attorney was careful to vet the production for libel and slander issues. You remember not liking the process because some great ideas and footage had to be scrapped during editing. In retrospect, you’re glad that you engaged a specialized clearance attorney familiar with “fair use” issues. Having also engaged a film broker specialized in Doc insurance, the panic begins to ease.

But then you think, what about your personal assets? Will your E&O policy be enough to prevent the lawsuit from effecting those? What about your wife, investor and cameraman? Will these legal costs need to be borne separate from the company’s policy?

To clarify this, the first thing you should do is notify your insurance broker and forward the legal letter you received so it can be reviewed.

Under most normal situations: you, your company, your wife, the investor and the cameraman would all be protected under the policy. Your E&O policy will provide an expert claims adjuster and a lawyer paid by the insurance company to defend your production through a settlement and even a court case if necessary.

Please note that the above is an example only: for a detailed outline on E&O coverage contact us and we will send you sample policy wording. In the event of a coverage conflict given the advice above, the policy wording would prevail.

To obtain a preliminary E&O quote, please Click Here. You will be requested to fill out an application and a quote will be given to you in most cases within one business day.

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Congratulations to the winners of the 2018 CESAR Awards

Posted by David Hamilton on Mar 6, 2018 9:25:20 AM

Front Row Insurance would like to Congratulate all of the winners and nominees at the 2018 CESAR Awards! We would also like to give a special shout out to our clients over at ADCB Films and WAITING FOR CINEMA for their award winning productions.

ADCB Films won 5 trophies at the 2018 CESAR Awards, for their production of "Au revoir là-haut".

Movie Au Revoir La Haut.png


WAITING FOR CINEMA won 2 trophies at the 2018 CESAR Awards, for their production "Barbara".

Movie Barbara.png


Keep up the great work, we are looking forward to seeing more award winning productions in the future.



The Front Row Team

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Planning a Wedding at  home?  Will your Homeowners Policy cover you?

Posted by David Hamilton on Dec 8, 2017 5:21:22 PM

The wedding ceremony in your parent’s back yard was more beautiful than you imagined. Later in the evening, the reception is in full swing when a scream pierces the music on the temporary dance floor. One of your parents work friends – a highly successful yoga instructor– has slipped on some spilled wine and torn all the ligaments in her knee.

Wedding Insurance

She will be in a cast and unable to work for six months. She will not be able to make the $15,000 per month that she has been earning for her classes. Worse, she has no disability insurance.

Within weeks of the wedding, a lawyers letter arrives demanding compensation for lost wages due to the hosts negligently failing to clean up the wine hazard on the dance floor. The letter also demands compensation for rehab expenses.

The parents call their homeowners insurance broker only to be told that they needed to take out wedding event insurance in order to be covered. Their homeowners policy will not protect them for a wedding they host at their home. The bride’s parents are now in the awkward position of having to defend themselves from a lawsuit from their friend.

This is a difficult, pricey lesson that is better learned before there is a loss. Our experience tells us that many wedding hosts assume they are covered by their homeowners insurance policy when in fact they most likely are not. This messy scenario is easily avoided with inexpensive online wedding insurance.

If you use your home for a wedding, check your insurance policy and make sure your coverage is appropriate. If not, Front Row Insurance Brokers have created a 5-minute Online Insurance Solution!  

Get a Quote in 2 Minutes  ➲

Our online wedding event insurance policy is available in all provinces in Canada.

All rented equipment is covered for replacement cost for: theft, damage and fire.

  • Wedding insurance cost starting at $55
  • Up to $5,000,000 in wedding liability insurance to cover damage to the wedding venue and injury to guests and vendor staff. Will also provide lawyer costs.
  • Unlimited Additional Insured certificates for your wedding venue and vendors at no additional cost.

"We wanted to make the insurance process easier, faster and cheaper for wedding hosts,” said David Hamilton, President of Front Row “Given that there is no need to speak to a broker and an insurance company underwriter is not involved, the cost to process online wedding event insurance is much less and we have passed the savings onto the person buying the insurance for the wedding. Although the policy is online, we are still available to answer questions by, chatbot, e mail or over the phone if required.”

Insurance for weddings is a specialty of Front Row. We make it easy to protect your special day – at a cost that could be less than a bottle of champagne. Pop! Pop!

Get a Quote in 2 Minutes  ➲


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