Film Production Offices: 5 Ways to Burglar-Proof

Posted by David Hamilton on Jul 15, 2011 9:56:00 AM


Film Production offices are more frequently robbed during the summer when windows and doors are left open in the summer heat.

Thieves usually enter a production office in one of two ways: by forcing entry through a window or door or simply opening an unlocked window or door.

Five ways you can secure your production office:

1. Rent production space that has new locking windows: preferably on a second floor or higher.

2. Ensure all windows and doors are locked overnight and while on set.

3. Make the office look occupied by: leaving timed lights on, hiring a security guard, leaving a radio on.

4. Install a security alarm and install deadbolts on all doors

5. Make sure that everyone in your first production meeting is actually employed by the production. We once had a claim where someone sat through the first production meeting and when everyone broke for coffee the thief left with several laptops.

Film production insurance policies will cover theft from a production office subject to a deductible: please contact me at for more information. I am a specialized film insurance broker.

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Cast Insurance: 5 Reasons to Use an Approved Cast Doctor

Posted by David Hamilton on Jul 10, 2011 10:12:00 AM


An approved cast doctor will save a film producer time and money when obtaining film production insurance for a film production.

Cast insurance covers against extra expenditures incurred by the production caused by death, sickness, disability or kidnapping of insured cast members, director, DOP, or anyone else designated under cast coverage. Financiers and distributors will usually require cast insurance before they release funds. 

Five reasons why it is well worth the effort to seek out an experianced doctor that is framiliar with cast exams:

1) An approved doctor is trained to dig for more information when an actor is being evasive regarding a previous medical condition such as substance abuse or a bad back. This information is material to the insurance company and the producer as it will determine if the actor will be subject to additional premiums to become insurable.

2) An approved doctor will not be bullied or awed by a celebrity actor: they obtain better information.

3) An approved doctor knows what information a film insurance underwriter needs and provides it. There is less back and forth questioning which saves everyone time.

4)  An approved doctor always answers all the questions on the cast medical form which avoids delays.

5) Last but not least, an approved doctor was approved in the first place because they have legible handwriting! 

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Feel free to contact me if you would like me to send you a free list of approved cast doctors in North America.

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