E&O Insurance for Producers: Minimizing the Risk of Unsolicited Submissions Claims

Posted by David Hamilton on Jul 21, 2015 10:04:38 AM

Minimizing the risk of E&O Claims

Here are some ways to prevent a Film Producers E&O insurance claim:

  1. Refuse to read scripts, story concepts etc. without getting a written waiver of any future claims by the Man holding film camerawriter.
  2. All submissions are held (preferably unopened) by clerical staff until they send out a release form and get back a signed copy.
  3. Maintain good record keeping systems of what submissions have come in, who saw them, and how they were handled.
  4. Limit the number of people who actually review these projects.
  5. Be careful how you respond to submissions.
  6. Keep track of where the project ideas come from and when.    

An example of a potential claim: plaintiff sues producer for copyright infringement. Alleges that movie being produced is based on a script submitted to the producer years before that was rejected. Producer made notes throughout the script recommending changes and plaintiff believes these changes are consistent with the movie. The amount claimed was not specified.

The producers errors and omissions policy will provide a lawyer and pay the legal fees to defend the producer that purchased an e&o policy for producers. 

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