How to Prevent Wedding Crashers

Posted by Grant Patten on Jun 5, 2019 7:04:45 AM

How to Prevent Wedding Crashers

How to Prevent Wedding Crashers

Wedding crashing is the act of attending a wedding celebration without an invitation, particularly when the crashers who show up have a significant impact on the event. This concept was popularized in the 2005 movie Wedding Crashers starring Owen Wilson & Vince Vaughn; however, when wedding crashing happens in real life, it is usually no laughing matter, as you’ll see in the examples below.                                        

In this post, we’ll explain some of the most common motivations behind wedding crashing, provide some examples of real-world wedding crashing incidents and wrap up with 7 tips that you can hopefully use to prevent wedding crashing from happening at your wedding.

Motivations for Wedding Crashing

It’s useful to understand some of the many motivations behind wedding crashing so that you can be better prepared and know what to expect. Wedding crashers are most often looking…

  • To steal money or gifts from the bride, groom, or guests.
  • To witness a person they know, such as a relative, friend, or ex get married, even if they were not invited.
  • For something that is offered at the event, such as free catered food or drinks. Some who crash do so only to eat the hors d'oeuvres. Crashing only for the hors d'oeuvres enables the crasher to eat all s/he wants while blending in.
  • For the simple thrill of deviating from social mores & etiquette or defying the culture.
  • To get revenge, such as if the bride or groom is an enemy of the wedding crasher.
  • To attempt to “win back” the bride/groom who was a former lover and/or current romantic interest of the crasher (such as in The Graduate, starring Dustin Hoffman).


Examples of Wedding Crashing Incidents

It’s important to understand that wedding crashing isn’t always fun & innocent, like in the famous 2005 comedy – it often leads to major thefts occurring. For this reason, wedding crashers should be identified and ejected from weddings as expeditiously as possible. Below are some real-life examples of why you should have a zero-tolerance policy for wedding crashers:

In February 2019, KTLA reported that a well-dressed wedding crasher stole a card box filled with cash gifts worth an estimated $10,000 from a Monrovia, California-area wedding.

In October 2018, Erie News Now reported that a woman walked into a wedding reception in Erie, PA, and stole the couple’s wedding card gift box. Before the theft, the woman spoke to several people inside the reception and made herself appear as though she belonged there.

In September 2018, a serial wedding crasher from Eugene, Oregon pleaded guilty to felony charges of aggravated first-degree theft. Brian Keith Starr stole $18,737 worth of items from five Oregon-area weddings that year.

In July 2014, in Norristown, PA, another serial wedding crasher was sentenced to 4 to 8 years in prison. Joseph Patrick Franzone Jr. stole an estimated $15,000 in cash gifts from multiple Pennsylvania-area weddings. Franzone also stole items of sentimental value and precious moments that can never be replaced.

None of the above examples indicate that the married couple had a wedding liability insurance policy in place, but it certainly would have been advisable to have one, in all cases.

7 Tips for Preventing Wedding Crashers

Let’s now review some of the main things to keep in mind in order to prevent crashers from successfully infiltrating your wedding:

  1. Widespread awareness is the key to swiftly identifying and ejecting wedding crashers. Share an article such as this one with your friends, bridesmaids and/or relatives so they’re all at least aware of the wedding crashing risk and know to keep an eye out for anyone suspicious.
  2. Do assigned tables and a guest list, so you know right away who doesn’t belong, e.g., setup a table at the door with a hostess or doorman where guests will provide their name and then be assigned to their table. If they're not on the list, they don't get in. OR ask all guests to carry their wedding invitation with them.
  3. Relatives of the couple should actively identify guests they don’t recognize and strike up conversations with them. Ask how they know the bride/groom and other questions and if the person struggles to come up with some answers, they’re probably a crasher.
  4. Don't post exactly when and where you're getting married online. OR make your wedding website password protected, including the password on the “Save the Date” or similar deliverable that you mail out to invited guests.
  5. Often, crashers will be “accidental”… they may accidentally walk in, looking confused and slowly creep toward the bar to see if it’s an open one. Inform the venue bartender(s) to be suspicious of such people.
  6. Don't get married in a venue with multiple reception spaces. The more reception spaces there are at your wedding venue, the more likely it is that other party guests will knowingly or unknowingly wander into your wedding area. For this same reason, also don't have your reception in a venue with a restaurant attached.
  7. If it is possible to hold a smaller wedding reception with fewer guests, then that should also reduce the likelihood of wedding crashing and theft, as it will be much easier to notice wedding crashers and kick them out.

How to Buy Wedding Liability Insurance

Of course, we at Front Row hope your wedding gifts don’t get stolen but in case they do, having a wedding insurance policy in place would make the incident at least a little more manageable.

Under Front Row’s Wedding Liability Insurance policy, coverage can be included for the wedding presents for loss or damage up to 7 days prior to the wedding date and up to 24 hours after the reception. Policies starting at $105.


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Keep your backyard wedding on budget with the click of a button.

Posted by David Hamilton on May 22, 2018 9:54:37 AM

Online Wedding Insurance

When you picture your perfect backyard wedding, what do you see? A hug from your mom just before you walk outside; lanterns glowing on the pathways; saying “I do” in the garden you grew up in? Cutting the cake your best friend made for you, and watching the stars come out as candlelight flickers across the faces of your friends and family? Having a wedding at home is a beautiful way to keep your celebration intimate and meaningful, not to mention a smart strategy for keeping your budget in balance on the big day. No matter what your perfect at-home wedding looks like: don’t forget to insure it.

Wedding insurance is easy to get - it takes about 10 minutes online and starts at $105 - and it’s a reliable way to cover yourself (or your parents, if they’re hosting for you) so that your wedding doesn’t include some unwelcome hidden costs. Here are some of the situations that we see commonly come up with home weddings. These are what you’ll want coverage for:

    • Vendor fails: if your vendor doesn’t show, you could be short a wedding cake, a photographer, catering or music. We’ve written before about weddings where the cake’s been unable to get there due to floods or forest fires closing roads - it’s sadly not uncommon during BC’s summer months but a vendor no show can represent some of the biggest costs associated with your wedding- especially in the case of entertainment or catering.
    • Rescheduling the wedding (or honeymoon): It takes a lot to reschedule a wedding, but if a loved one gets sick or a bad storm hits, it’s worth it to know you can reschedule risk-free.
    • Rented clothes ruined: Wine spills happen. Don’t let them cost you.
    • Guest gets hurt: If someone slips on the dance floor and breaks their ankle, wedding insurance protects everyone. This last one’s really important, because injuries like this can make a big difference to someone’s livelihood. Spilled wine that you didn’t clean up off the dancefloor could end up costing $15,000 or more if your guest’s out of work for a while. Insurance coverage means you don’t need to worry about this all too common scenario.

While homeowner’s insurance sometimes covers some of these unexpected costs, you’ll want to read the fine print carefully. In our experience, it’s well worth it to purchase wedding insurance and make sure you’re fully covered. You can buy ours online in about 3 minutes here.

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Disaster on your wedding day? It's more common than you think

Posted by David Hamilton on May 10, 2018 3:01:30 PM

Unforgettable wedding day horror stories and how to keep your day from becoming a disaster!

As insurance providers, we think about disasters a lot - so that you don’t have to live them.

Here, we've gathered some of the most unforgettable Canadian wedding day horror stories: not only do they showcase how true love always triumphs, they’re a good reminder that there are some things you just can't predict -- and that's why there's wedding insurance.

Read on for some unforgettable wedding day disasters - and then let us make sure you’re covered for anything on your big day with our wedding insurance packages, starting at $105.

Online Wedding Insurance

Forest Fire Wedding:

During the epic forest fires that raged across BC in 2017, one 100 Mile House, BC, couple found themselves racing the blaze for their wedding. Their wedding cake provider was unable to get to the wedding, and their venue was put on evacuation alert. But, as their friend and wedding photographer Liz of One Blue Fish Photography recounted: “This wedding was happening come hell or forest fire.” It wasn’t the wedding the couple was dreaming of, but seeing their community pull together despite the fires was inspiring. “The amazing love and support that these two received will always stay with me.” said Liz.


DYK: Losing a wedding cake can cost you anywhere from $500 to $2000 or more - and cancelling your whole wedding without insurance could potentially set you back the entire cost of your wedding.


Stormy weather:

Jay and Quandra Werner’s wedding venue was destroyed by a windstorm so bad it made headlines. Tents were tossed by the wind, and a cameraman was taken to Vancouver General Hospital with a broken wrist. “I was ready to just run away,” said the groom. “I said the wedding's off. I just I can't, it's gone. It’s completely gone. It's pretty upsetting to see nine months of work gone in just 60 seconds.” After he tried to call off the wedding twice (and his bride put it back on again, twice) something magical happened - members of the Burrard Inlet Yacht Club pulled together to make their vows happen despite the destroyed venue. Aww.


DYK: Cancelling a wedding can cost you anywhere from $10,000 and up, depending on your vendors...and without wedding liability insurance, any injuries that may happen (on the dance floor or otherwise) that prevent a person from earning their livelihood can create even more financial trouble.


Priest MIA

“The priest was in fine form and we looked forward to seeing him two days later on our big day,” Marie Fraser wrote to Global BC. “Except that, well, he didn’t show up. Catholic Priest M.I.A.” The wedding party scoured White Rock, BC for anyone who could marry the happy couple. In the end, a Pentecostal preacher was located at his home, and he kindly agreed to facilitate the couples’ vows...still wearing his gardening gear.


DYK: In BC, a marriage officiant starts at $80, and they’re expected to charge additional fees for travel, extra hours and other costs. The couple getting married is responsible for any additional costs incurred by last minute an MIA officiant can add substantially to your costs.


Rained out:

BC bride Jessica Turner described what it was like to get married during the worst storm in 2003 to Global BC. “We got married on the 100-year storm and no one was able to get there,” she explained. When a nearby bridge washed out, the wedding cake provider, the photographer, her husband’s family and the father of the bride were all left stranded. “It was a quiet, quick ceremony to say the least…” remembered Jessica. “I was trying my best to keep it together and only cried periodically throughout the day."


DYK: Losing a wedding cake can cost you anywhere from $500 to $2000 or more - as for losing the chance to have your loved ones at your wedding - that’s a cost we can’t estimate.


If these stories keep you up at night, check out our wedding insurance plans! We cover your big day against disaster, including scenarios like service providers going MIA, or destroyed property. It’s easy and fast to purchase online here - and if you enter the code CANADAWEDDING, we’ll take $50 off your policy.

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4 Reasons to Buy Online Insurance for Weddings from Front Row

Posted by Mike Groner on Dec 8, 2017 11:29:34 AM

  1. Wedding insurance allows you to relax and enjoy the big day.     Weddings cost an  average $30,159 in Canada . The hall, the food, the DJ, flowers, photos and all the other costs add up to an expensive day. Wedding insurance provides you with peace of mind in two ways. Wedding property insurance  provides coverage for damage to: your wedding attire, lost/stolen gifts, photographs,– even wedding ring insurance and more. Wedding liability insurance covers you when you are legally responsible for injury or damages that occur at your wedding. If one of your yoga teacher guests slips on spilled wine and tears knee ligaments and cannot work they may sue you for lost income and rehab / medical costs. Wedding liability insurance also provides a lawyer to defend you.
  2. Online Insurance for WeddingMany wedding venues require that you show evidence of wedding liability insurance.     Many venues do not want to be responsibility for situations that happen at your wedding that cause damage to their venue or injury to your guests. This means requiring short-term event insurance from you – the tenant of their venue. Check your venue contract to see if you are responsible for providing a wedding liability certificate to your venue owners. Our certificates are free and can be issued within 60 seconds of paying with a credit card on our on line site
  3. Vendors may not give you a refund if you cancel.      What happens if you are  forced to cancel or postpone your wedding? Will the baker take back the cake? Will the banquet hall and caterer refund your deposit? Will the photographer refund her deposit?  In these cases, you will want to recoup as much money as possible and you can do so by transferring the risk to insurance
  4. What happens if one or more of your vendors is a no show   Wedding event insurance can financially protect you against unreliable vendors that don’t show

Front Row Insurance Brokers offers online wedding event insurance

Get a Quote in 2 Minutes  ➲

Protect your special day in less than 6 minutes and pay with a credit card. Our wedding insurance cost starts as low as $55. Quotes take 2 minutes and are offered free without obligation on our online site.

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Why you should consider purchasing wedding insurance

Posted by Mike Groner on Dec 6, 2017 4:39:32 PM

Wedding Table .jpgPlanning a wedding? There are many risks associated with hosting a wedding: your guests may damage the venue or the rented furniture or the sound system. Your guests could trip on temporary carpeting or a wine spill on the dance floor and injure themselves.


When hosting a wedding, most banquet halls and venues will require you to have event insurance in place. Often the hall will tell you in their contract the short term venue liability amount required.

Front Row Insurance Brokers offers online wedding insurance in minutes:
Policies start at $55 and certificates for your wedding venue and vendors are free.



If you will be serving alcohol at your wedding make sure that you request venue alcohol liability – available through our online site . Remember, as a renter you are responsible for the safety of any guests. You could be held legally responsible if people consume alcohol during your wedding and harm themselves or someone else.
It’s always good planning to have wedding insurance because you never know when something unexpected may occur. Wedding insurance will allow you to fully enjoy your special day.

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