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Posted by Meghan Stickney on Oct 29, 2009 4:20:00 PM


This is a great insurance policy to save you time and money if you anticipate multiple projects in the next 12 months.

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- Feature Length or Theatrical/Television Release over $150,000 budget

- Television Series or Episodes

- Productions with shooting periods +90 Days

(*unless specifically endorsed and in some cases an additional premium applies)

  • A DICE policy provides prearranged coverage for a year for your office and all of your productions--except for features and series with budgets over $150,000.
  • We will give you blank certificates for the year, allowing you to lock locations and rent equipment on the fly.
  • General Liability is less expensive with an annual policy as you only pay for it once per year and it covers all of your projects in a 12 month period. Less work and cost than arranging coverage for each of your projects.

A typical package for a Canadian producer with up to $250,000 in annual productions costs is as follows: 

 LIMIT  $  
 Negative Film/Videotape   250,000
 Faulty Stock, Camera & Processing     250,000
 Props, Sets & Wardrobe  200,000
 Miscellaneous Equipment Rented  750,000

 Miscellaneous Equipment Owned (additional premium will apply)

 As Required
 Property Damage Liability  2,000,000
 Extra Expense  200,000
 Office Contents  100,000
 Accounts Receivable  25,000
 Money & Securities  25,000
 Physical Damage to Vehicles  150,000 per vehicle 
 General Liability  2,000,000

Canadian DICE Production Insurance Package Costs:

  • A deposit premium starts at $1,500.
  • Your Final Gross Productions Costs for all productions undertaken during the term of the policy are reported to the Company within 30 days following the expiration or termination of coverage.
  • The Annual Earned Premium is computed by applying the rate per $100 of actual gross production costs established at the inception date of the policy.
  • A minimum premium of $1,500 will apply regardless of the terms of coverage.
  • Premiums can be financed over the year to help your cash flow.
  • Rating will vary based on the Film/Video ratio, types of productions and number of annual productions estimated.
  • General Liability coverage (to cover locations against property damage or bodily injury caused by your crew) is extra.  For example, a $2,000,000 limit would cost $750 annually; a $500,000 limit costs $1,000 annually.

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 Call or email us for a quote, a description of coverage  and further information.

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