Concert Insurance: Things That Go Unseen at Concerts

Posted by Tom Corley on Apr 15, 2016 3:12:41 PM

Patrons purchase tickets to a concert for many reasons: to see their favorite act, gather with friends, a night on the town and catch a new talent.  Main point is all seek a good, fun time and hearing good music.

But unknown to patrons are the many details that go into producing and promotion of a successful concert.  When planned properly, it shows, but is not seen.

One of many of those details is safety for both the performers and the audience. Concert  Insurance to protect against incidents  for Liability and Bodily harm have potential to come into play more often than one may think.

First, the bad news; the Allman Brother’s unfortunate bus crash.  Everyone is ok, thank goodness, but this accident is an example of the long hours artists, bands, production crews and drivers spend on getting everyone to the venue, normally traveling between 350 - 450 miles overnight to set up and perform for their fans.  Proper  Insurance coverage is a must not only to cover any medical expenses, but also to make sure that property damage to a vehicle can be recovered and/or repaired/replaced in a timely fashion. Without this commitment by performers and their teams, there is no show; thus disappointed fans. 

A second example of an “unseen” detail is crowd barriers for crowd control.  These type of barricades described in the article are not really thought about by patrons, but they are of utmost importance to artist and patrons alike.  Proper crowd control, from security to crowd flow are key to a safe event.  Concert insurance can come into play if the barriers fail to pay for injuries so that the act is not financially ruined. Having proper barricades not only enhance patron’s enjoyment, but lowers the Risk of someone being harmed or having an accident. It also helps greatly with the expense of a premium by lowering the cost!

Remember the goal is for patrons to enjoy their experience.  Our goal as concert insurance brokers is to assist producers, promoters, and artists with making sure that they are covered for any Liability that may occur.

From these two examples, one can see that accidents do unfortunately happen, but risks with large crowds, transportation, staging, production, etc.,happen.  Risk are unseen by patrons but not by a professional concert insurance broker. Best to be properly covered onstage and off!

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Touring Insurance For Your Band: Planes, Trains And Automobiles

Posted by Steve Beatty on Jul 28, 2015 1:48:00 PM

Travel_bannerPlanes, Trains and Automobiles: Non-owned aircraft, helicopters, aviation, rented vehicles, international exposures; these are all things to talk about with your Broker when you are arranging your insurance. Chartered tour vehicles, buses or airplanes can present risks to you that need to be considered as part of you insurance program. Checking to ensure that the owners and operators are insured is crucial. It is common to find coverage in policies for the use of non-owned vehicles in Canada or the USA, but not for international rentals. Be sure to look into this if you are planning to rent vehicles as part of your tour.

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