Venue Insurance in Canada

Posted by David McLeish on Aug 30, 2018 10:28:13 AM


shutterstock_486899269Your venue welcomes the world.

Whether it’s an audience of ten thousand or something more intimate, you open your space to the public, and to the people who know how to draw a crowd. This, in turn, exposes you and your venue to certain risks that can be managed with the right kind of venue insurance. Whether you need stadium insurance or  community theatre insurance or amphitheater insurance or  auditorium insurance or concert hall insurance or insurance for an outdoor stage outdoor stage, you are responsible for the safety of the public and performers and you could become liable if someone is injured at your venue.  You also have to be concerned with potential damage to property, performance cancellations, the care and conduct of your employees… then there’s all the stuff you never could have predicted!

Front Row’s venue insurance will look at your specific venue, and we’ll tailor coverage to meet your unique needs. We’ll look at things like:

  • Your venue’s capacity
  • The frequency of performances
  • Types of performances hosted
  • Types of concessions sold (any alcohol?)
  • The characteristics of the building where it all happens.

When it comes to risk, we’ve got the best seat in the house, and we can help you see your exposures from every angle. That means you can confidently welcome the world’s best, brightest, and craziest–whatever the world throws at you, you’ll be ready!

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DICE Insurance Policies: Annual Protection for Multiple Film Projects

Posted by David McLeish on Aug 24, 2018 4:14:34 PM


What are DICE Insurance Policies? 

Many film and video companies engage in multiple productions throughout the year. These types of companies, known as DICE Producers (Documentaries, Industrial Films, Commercials and Educational films), benefit from an annual insurance policy known, conveniently, as a DICE Policy.

Somewhat like an annual travel insurance policy that covers all the trips you take in a year, a DICE insurance policy will cover all the productions you undertake in a year, so you don’t need to keep re-applying for insurance for each individual production. This gives DICE Producers the freedom and flexibility to provide certificates of insurance and lock locations at a moment’s notice (many municipalities require $5 Million in Commercial General Liability to secure a film permit). An annual policy also means you only have to think about the insurance once a year, and unless you’re insurance nerds like us, once is probably enough!

There are some limitations: a DICE policy won’t cover feature length films, productions with shooting periods over 90 days, or TV series, episodes, or specials. But it will cover productions like short subjects, music videos, and photo shoots, along with the DICE staples—virtually everything except feature films and TV series.

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Calculating your DICE premiums:

The policy premium is based on your actual annual gross budgets. Coverage is purchased with a deposit premium that is based on your provisional, estimated annual gross production costs (say, you expect to do $500,000 that year). Then, at the end of the year, you report a final gross production cost and the premium is adjusted up or down accordingly. If you weren’t as busy as you had anticipated, the unused premium is refunded to you, or, if business was booming and you did better than expected, you can pay for the additional coverage used at the end of the year. This means you’re only paying for the insurance you actually needed during that year. Our DICE policies have a minimum annual gross budget of $220,000 and no upper limit, so whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned pro, Front Row’s DICE Policy can be tailored exactly to the needs of your production business.

Additional Coverage is also available for:

  • Props, sets, and wardrobe
  • Faulty stock, camera, processing
  • Office contents
  • Miscellaneous equipment
  • Money & currency
  • Vehicle physical damage
  • Employee dishonesty
  • Animal mortality
  • Third Party Damage
  • Commercial vehicle physical damage

Visit the Front Row Insurance Website for more information or a fast, free no obligation quote!

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Theft from Vehicle: PHOTOGRAPHY INSURANCE explained

Posted by David McLeish on Aug 20, 2018 2:48:24 PM


Theft from a vehicle: Is my equipment covered?

For professional photographers, the world is their workplace. They need to be able to pick up and go wherever—and whenever—the light is magic. That means they’re travelling with valuable equipment, and that means, theft from a vehicle is a serious concern. Did you know some insurance policies don’t cover theft from a vehicle? Crazy, right? At Front Row Insurance, our Photographers insurance program WILL cover your equipment if it is stolen from an unattended vehicle, but with some important conditions.

  • The vehicle had to have been locked.
  • There needs to be visible evidence of forced entry.
  • You need to file a police report.

“Hold-up” (as in, “stick-‘em-up!”) is also covered under our policies, so if someone forces you to unlock your vehicle using threat of violence, you will still be covered. But again, you need to file a police report. Understanding these conditions prepares you to understand how your Photographer’s insurance policy will (or won’t) respond in the event of a theft from a vehicle.

Remember, even with camera gear insurance, it’s better if your gear never gets stolen in the first place! Insurance is just one tool you have to protect your business from losses, but you should also be practicing good risk management.

  • Don’t leave your gear in an unattended vehicle if you can help it.
  • Use good judgment when choosing locations and parking spots.
  • Keep your gear in the trunk or out of sight.
  • Travel lean – only bring with you the gear you know you will need.
  • Unload your gear into your residence

At Front Row Insurance, we offer 12 month prior policies that cover you worldwide, except in countries subject to trade restrictions. All your equipment is covered for replacement cost, and coverage for rented equipment is also available. Plus, as part of your policy you automatically get:

  • $5,000 in Laptop Coverage + $10,000 Office Contents Coverage
  • $10,000 of coverage for newly acquired equipment for up to 30-day
  • $7,500 in Library Stock (Portfolio) coverage
  • $15,000 in Money and Securities coverage
  • $350 deductible per occurrence for gear

You can also purchase Commercial General Liability with our Photographers policies. Photographer liability covers property damage and bodily injury that you cause while shooting on location or in a rented studio. It can pay for legal fees, too. You can get a quote online in 2 minutes that ensures industry-low prices. Click here to get started.

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Planning a Garden Show? You need garden event insurance.

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Planning a Gardening Show? Protect yourself with Event Insurance

Planning an annual flower show, competition, plant sale, or garden tour? You should consider getting Garden Show Special Event Insurance. Gardeners know better than anyone that events can be unpredictable. Disasters strike even the most careful and diligent gardeners. That’s where insurance comes in. Having the right Garden Show insurance policy protects you from those unforeseeable dangers and gives you peace of mind—not quite the blissful serenity of a well-tended garden, but close enough!

Opening your garden to the public or hosting an event brings its own set of challenges, which is why most rental venues will require you to carry Event Insurance. Often, this will be stated explicitly in the rental contract, including the liability amounts required. Garden venues want to be protected in case your guests damage property or someone is injured at your event and tries to sue. If you are renting equipment, like a sound system, tent, or a marquee, you will also want coverage in case that property is damaged.

If your organization is hosting a garden event at a private residence, the homeowner’s policy likely will not provide adequate insurance. Parties of a certain size may be excluded. Your organization will need to have Event Insurance in place in the unlikely event that a guest is injured. That stone walkway or water feature might look lovely, but it could also be a tripping hazard!

One day garden event insurance is inexpensive and available online with no need to talk to a broker. Policies start at $130 and at no additional cost certificates can be provided to your gardening show venue that prove you are protected.

A quote is also free, fast, and available any time of the day or night. Click here to get started.



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Safeguarding Your Students Part 2

Posted by Lynne Godfroy on Aug 15, 2018 5:42:55 PM

Dance school

Safeguarding your Students and Protecting Your Organization (Part 2)

Filming and Photographing Children at Your School

Your school will be filled with joyous events that mark the achievements of your teachers and their students. Of course everyone will want to commemorate these milestones and there is often only a split second between the taking of a wonderful photo or performance video and the posting of that same pic to the internet. It will often include class members. An arts educator or studio owner should stop and think about this. No one wants a picture of their child floating around the internet, so how can you help your students and their families share their joy while safeguarding your students’ privacy?

Developing a broad-based policy around safeguarding your students, see Part 1, will help you to add a section on filming and photographing students that is consistent with your operating principles. Make sure your parents and staff sign an agreement that includes a commitment not to identify students by name in any photo and have a signed consent form by the parents on file in case professional photographers are brought in. Naturally the photographers should sign an agreement also and should never be left alone with the students.  For promotional purposes on a website, for example, it might be best to use commercial stock photos.

If images remain in your possession, store hard copies in a locked drawer and electronic copies in a protected folder with restricted access.  Do not store them on unencrypted devices, like a mobile phone or laptop. If you issue photo ID cards, make sure you comply with any data protection legislation.

Small mistakes can have big repercussions, so once you have your policy and practice in place and have explained everything to your instructors, staff, parents and students, make sure your Protégé insurance policy is in effect to safeguard you and your business against an allegation of improper behavior. Your students are precious and so is your studio.


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3 Steps to Start a Dance Studio

Posted by Lynne Godfroy on Aug 15, 2018 5:38:55 PM


3 Business Tips on How to Start a Dance Studio

So you’ve danced all your life and the time has come to share your passion and insight.  The path for many is to open a dance studio, but how does one turn that passion into a successful business?

Step 1 -  Should be to find out about your prospective clients.  The web is full of links for parents looking for the best dance school for their kids. Read up on what is important to them. A quick search will reveal they often want a variety of dance styles and teachers to match their child’s interests and needs. They want a timetable that is convenient for their busy lives and qualified teachers that can provide a high level of instruction. If you can provide all that, think about whether or not you will you be able to hire instructors that can build levels of expertise, creating a core group of returning students each term. Consider focusing on small children that will grow with you.

Step 2 - Defines your ability to pay yourself. Get advice on how to structure a business plan. That will help you sort out your expenses and determine if renting a studio makes sense at first. Identify your renovation costs and your fixed costs like utilities, rent, and specialty dance insurance coverage, like Protégé, that will protect you and your business from claims of injury, abuse, or property damage. It’s a small cost, but can make the world of difference for a small business owner who has been threatened by a suit and wouldn’t ordinarily have the means to defend. 

Step 3 - Reminds you to invest in yourself. You are the best representative for your own studio, so don’t get so bogged down in administration that you forget your passion. Keep dancing! And don’t be afraid to ask for advice.  The Facebook group, Dance Coaches & Teachers Unite, has several thousand members who trade tips and conversations about dance, as do the members of The Dance Teachers Network, also on Facebook.

Let’s keep dance alive!



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Safeguarding Your Students With Art School Insurance

Posted by Lynne Godfroy on Aug 15, 2018 5:37:27 PM

Art school

Safeguarding your Students and Protecting Your Art School (Part 1)

The priority for all schools and teachers must be the safety of the students that are entrusted to their care. A lot of research has been done over the last few years as to how we can all practice a higher standard of responsibility in that regard and as a consequence, school administrators and owners are expected to demonstrate a ‘duty of care’.  One recommendation is to establish a safeguarding policy for your school. Not only will this demonstrate your commitment to the well-being of your students, but should there be an insurance claim it could be helpful to show you have a set of standards and procedures acknowledged by all staff.

Before you begin to draft your policy, consider the following questions because the answers will help shape the final document: What are the potential risks to the children? Who may pose that risk and what situations might increase the risk? How will you check the backgrounds of your volunteers and staff? How will you respond to allegations of concern or harm?

When you start to write your policy, name your organization and then state the purpose and aim of the policy. Provide a link to the law that supports the policy and explain how the policy relates to the business’s procedures around taking photographs or videos, internet use, recruitment, etc.  Include an equality statement that commits to anti-discriminatory practice and clarify the scope of the policy – will it apply only to staff and volunteers who have contact with the children, or other people, like a janitor? Finally, identify review dates, so the policy can be updated at regular intervals.

Once this has been done, make sure you have specialty art school insurance for arts educators in place, like the Protégé Program, offered by Front Row Insurance Brokers. Front Row is the premier brokerage in Canada for coverage in the performing arts and supports a number of national and provincial organizations like PACT and Dance Ontario. Protégé comes out of their realization that insurance expertise should be available for small studio owners as well as the large organizations. They know their stuff and provide coverage through a quick online service at very little cost.


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Arts Education School Insurance

Posted by Lynne Godfroy on Aug 15, 2018 5:29:42 PM

shutterstock_296315168 (1) 

Safeguarding your students and protecting your arts education school with Protege

Opening a studio or educational facility is a way to express your creative interests while experiencing the joy of mentoring.  It demands passion, skill and commitment, and involves a serious investment of time and money.  Like all small business owners, you need to guard that investment with insurance that protects your reputation as well as your studio. This can make a major contribution to your success, so clearly you need a policy that is designed to protect you, your property, your students and your teachers. The Protégé Program, offered by Front Row Insurance – the largest arts and entertainment insurance brokerage in the country – does exactly that.

Protégé is broken into five key areas which work together to protect the business you created.

Abuse Liability: While you do your best to hire the most qualified staff, teachers, and coaches, you cannot account for every misstep.  Abuse Liability manages allegations that may be levelled against you or your business, as well as providing risk-specific coverage that pays for criminal and civil legal defense costs, as well as the medical, rehabilitation and counselling costs for individuals affected by an incident of abuse. 

Bodily Injury & Property Damage Liability: This provides help to defend against claims triggered specifically by injury or property damage to a performance venue or leased studio. Protégé protects your art school’s corporation, teachers, employees, and volunteers for claims brought against them as well. 

Educators’ Errors and Omissions:  E&O provides extra coverage for allegations caused by a student’s dissatisfaction with your curriculum, a dismissal, or failure to educate.

Studio Property: Of course your studio needs property coverage too, and perhaps you need coverage for touring and competitions.  That’s what Studio Property coverage is all about.

Business Continuity: If something unexpected happens, you need to ensure your bottom-line is protected. You’ll need money for fixed expenses, loss of future  tuition fees, and extra costs incurred if your property is damaged.

Overall, Protégé works to protect you, your students, your teachers and your school.  It’s demonstrable proof that you take your business and the relationships you depend upon, seriously.

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New Mandatory Data Breach Law: Get Protected with Cyber Insurance

Posted by Lynne Godfroy on Aug 15, 2018 4:39:11 PM

cyber law

What does the new federal mandatory data breach notification law mean for your small business?

The new law, The Digital Privacy Act, went into effect on Nov 1, 2018, and applies to all businesses that hold identifying information of employees, customers, members, or vendors. In the case of a breach, business owners are required to notify the affected individuals as well as the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada. It’s easy to think that these risks and responsibilities only apply to large businesses, but in fact ‘personal information’ can include something as small as an email address as well as credit card details. As the skills of hackers have grown, it’s become an important part of business management to understand and mitigate the risks in the digital world, no matter the size of the company.

Research shows that roughly 30% of small businesses have been targeted by hackers because their online security is often not as robust as that of a large corporation.  Apart from reputational damage, which can ruin small businesses, there can be significant costs associated with fixing the breach after legal bills are paid, IT professionals hired, and staff time accounted for as they divert from their normal duties to attend to the crisis.

What can a small business owner do to protect his/her business from cyber hackers? Front Row Insurance Brokers provides cheap online cyber insurance coverage that protects against hacking, theft, fraud, business interruption, and legal, technical, or forensic services. Hackinsure starts from only $300 annually and takes about 5 minutes to get your policy.

Front Row has also put together a number of helpful tips for small business owners to help limit the risk of a cyber attack.  Check out the blog post at for ideas that should be applied by all employees.

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Birthday Party Insurance

Posted by Monica Krake on Aug 15, 2018 2:35:17 PM


203918-OZ3JH7-818You’re planning a birthday party. This year, you want to keep things simple with a paired down guest list of 50 people, a simple wine bar, and a few party platters. What could possibly go wrong?

Well, a few things, it turns out. Here are some of the top reasons you might just want to insure your next birthday party:

1 . House parties over a certain number aren’t insured by your homeowner policy. So, if anything goes wrong - from food poisoning to one of your tipsy guests tripping on your garden gnome - you could be sued.

Adult birthday party liability insurance will cover you if you are sued by providing a free lawyer to defend you and paying the judgement costs awarded to your injured guest. Same goes if you’re planning a holiday party!

2. If you’re throwing your birthday party at a local venue, you’ll likely need to purchase insurance, which is required by most venues. Be sure to speak to the venue about the level of coverage you’re required to obtain. And even if you decide on having your birthday party at a local park, there are good reasons to consider purchasing insurance for a picnic party, too. 

3 .You’re all set to get the party started with your rented sound system, and a few extra tables, chairs and a party tent you’ve brought in to make the bash extra special. Technically, you are responsible for anything that happens to any of your party rentals. So, if your guests get a little wild, blast out the speakers, rip the tent, or break the chairs, good news: birthday party insurance covers the costs of any damages to your rented party equipment.

4. Do your generous friends tend to lavish you with expensive gifts? Well, birthday party insurance covers you here, too, if any of the gifts are stolen. Believe us, party theft happens a lot more often than you’d like to think.

While insurance may not be top of mind when you’re planning a birthday party, there really are countless ways it can save you money, help you avoid hassles with your vendors, and even prevent conflicts with any potentially injured friends or family.

So, when you get down to planning your next big bash, be sure to check out our online adult's birthday party insurance. You can obtain coverage online in a few minutes with no

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